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How Does A Soft Sanitary Napkin Ensure Skin Care?

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Your body experiences several changes during your menstrual cycle. From mood swings to dreadful cramps, your body is also prepared for the worst. Finding a sanitary napkin that’s right for you can make things easier. The right sanitary pad ensures that hygiene is maintained.

In the hustle-bustle of today, it has become necessary that we find a sanitary pad that we can rely on. Your sanitary pad should be able to absorb heavy fluids for those extra-heavy flow days while also keeping you dry and fresh. The right sanitary pad should have an anti-bacterial sheet, like the SOFY AntiBacterial sanitary pads, that would prevent bacterial infections. Whether you’re someone that finds herself busy at work for prolonged durations or someone that has to move around a lot to get the daily chores done, finding a sanitary napkin that’s soft and comfortable on the skin is of utmost importance.

It is important to note that the skin around intimate areas is highly sensitive, and hence, prone to rashes, allergies, and irritation. Here’s how you can avoid this with the right sanitary pad.

  • When it comes to comfort, a sanitary pad that has a soft cotton surface is preferred over other pads. Not only is such a sheet highly absorbent but is also softer on the skin.
  • Using a soft pad lowers the risk of rashes and skin irritation.
  • The risk of rashes is relatively high at night because of our movement which causes friction against the pad and our skin. However, a soft pad made with cotton can easily be used overnight as it is not harsh on the skin.
  • A soft pad would keep you comfortable and clean over prolonged periods of time.
  • Many of SOFY’s pads are fragrant which means that you are not only comfortable but also aren’t worried about unpleasant period odour.
  • Synthetic pads cause skin irritation and contain a set of harmful carcinogenic chemicals that can have a drastic impact on your skin.

Sofy provides a range of soft sanitary napkins. Try the comfortable range of pads manufactured by Sofy because these are easy on the skin and last really, really long.