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Pantyliners Are Important In More Ways Than You Know!

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Phew! Your periods are finally over. You breathe a sigh of relief; you don’t have to worry about them for the next 3 weeks (Buh bye pads, until next time!). But there still is a form of white discharge coming from your vagina every day and ruining your panties. Your body also goes through a process called spotting which is light bleeding that occurs on non-period days. It may occur right after your periods are over or in the middle of your non-period cycle. It’s nothing to worry about and in fact, is a good thing. It’s not just you, every woman has it. Your body is always in a self-cleansing process and this is just your vagina’s way of staying away from infections.

This is where pantyliners come in. You’ve seen your friends and colleagues using it and swearing by it. Pantyliners absorb the flow of vaginal discharge when you’re not on your periods. They are great for when you’re about to get your periods as well as when you experience post-menstrual spotting and wearing a napkin is a hassle. They are light, absorbing and easily replaceable. Think of them as sanitary pads but compact. They easily fit and blend inside your panties.

What we’re saying about Pantyliners:

  • You feel fresh all day- Pantyliners are designed to keep your underwear dry. They are great for absorbing discharge on your non-period days.
  • Emergency Sanitary Pad- A pantyliner could save you if your periods suddenly decide to come knocking and you’re not carrying your pads or tampons. It also is great if you’re on your last few moments of your periods. Though, you shouldn’t use them as alternatives to sanitary pads.
  • Great Workout Buddy- Liners are the best when you’re out on a workout.

Panty liner Great Workout Buddy for Women

  • Absorb Postpartum Flows- New moms need liners to manage light postpartum flow a few weeks after giving birth.

Panty Liner Extra Protection During non-period days

  • Extra Protection- During non-period days, pantyliners can provide extra cover when the white discharge and spotting is more.

It’s important to know that pantyliners also have a shelf life when worn. They are ideally changed every 4-6 hours.

It’s become increasingly common among women to wear pantyliners on a regular basis so you know that they are safe to use during your non-period days.

There are some great options in the market if you’re looking out for liners. Sofy’s Daily Fresh pantyliners are super thin, comfy and can be your best friends during your spotting days. They are porous and you feel comfortable wearing them.

Sofy has a couple of great liners that you can try out. Their Antibacteria liners provide the comfort you are looking for as they take care of your intimate hygiene and keep your panties fresh for a long duration.

Antibacteria Panty Liner for Non Period Day

Apprehensions can always crop up when it comes to using products you will use in and around your vagina. We totally understand this notion but pantyliners come with benefits that certainly make them a comfortable buy. But as we always insist; you are the best judge. Use them once and you will definitely feel the difference.

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