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6 Things to Pack While Travelling During Periods

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If you love travelling, do not let your period stop you. While travelling during your periods can seem inconvenient, a little planning can go a long way! 

Let’s face it ladies, stomach cramps or back pain while hiking or trekking might not be fun. You don’t have to restrict all activities if you are travelling during your menstrual cycle. Packing certain items can make your trip not only comfortable but also a memorable one. Traveling to a new city or country is not the time to try out a new feminine care product. Here are some of the items that you need to pack when travelling during your periods: 

1 Sanitary Pads

If you use sanitary pads, pack a few boxes of Sofy AntiBacteria XL napkins depending on the length of the trip. If you are travelling for more than a month, pack a few extra packs of your favourite brand of sanitary pads. 

2 Panty Liners

Even if your menstrual cycle is not during your travel, packing some panty liners is always a good idea. Pack some Sofy AntiBacteria Panty Liner for pre and post period spotting to avoid getting panty spoiled.

3 Period Underwear

Full coverage underwear like a hipster is a more comfortable option to wear during your periods. Pack a few pairs of hipster panties for a hassle-free travel experience. 

4 Medications

Pack any medications that you take for menstrual cramps in your medical kit. Along with the medicines, you might want to pack a few sachets of chamomile tea and ginger tea for natural pain relief. 

5 Heating Pad

A back compress with a heating pad can be a soothing and relaxing experience during your periods. Simply, charge the heating pad until warm and use it on your back or any other area where you feel discomfort. 

6 Essential Oil Roll-Ons

You can use essential oil roll-ons to help you sleep during your periods. Pack a few of your favourite essential oil roll-ons to enjoy during your trip. For sleep and relaxation, a lavender roll-on is perfect. 

These are some of the items to pack while travelling during your periods. Now that period care is planned, enjoy your trip and make memories. 

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