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Summer Clothing: Comfort Clothes You Should Wear During Your Periods

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Choosing a cute as well as comfortable outfit is never easy and it gets even trickier when you’re on your periods. We are well aware of what to avoid during that time but we do think twice while deciding what to wear during that time of the month – something that looks stylish as well as feels comfortable. How long are you going to stick to those basic dark colored jeans and same old boring tops or t-shirts?

We know that comfort is the key during periods but you can’t let periods take away the thrill that comes with dressing up, right?

Here’s a list of some amazing comfortable yet fashionable options for you that you can wear during your periods.

• Jeggings/ Leggings: Yes, Jeggings or leggings, paired with whatever you feel like can be your outfit of the day. They are comfortable almost like your sweatpants but in a much non-casual way. You can pair them up with any of your formal blouses or wear it with a basic kurta and voila! They act just like jeans or trousers, only much more comfortable. They’re movable, breathable and super trendy. So if you don’t own a pair of jeggings, please go buy yourself one today!

• Jumpsuits: Need I remind you how comfortable just a single piece of clothing can be? Jumpsuits never go out of fashion. They’re not only fashionable but very comfortable and easily conceal your pad lines from the outside. They’re super easy to wear and look very fashionable when paired up with the right accessories and footwear.

• Shirt dress: The most comfortable option you can opt for is the shirt dresses which is simply like a shirt but long enough to pass off as a dress. You can also look for t-shirt dresses as well. They are super comfy, easy to wear and casual. Perfect for night outs with your girlfriends and when you feel like dressing down but still looking chic.

• Palazzos: Whoever introduced palazzos into the world of fashion is a genius. The reason being that they are versatile bottoms which can be paired with almost anything with plenty of room for your legs to breathe. Isn’t that amazing? Clothing on periods should make you feel all easy-breezy and this outfit accomplishes just that.

• Maxi Dress: You can never go wrong with maxi dresses especially when summer’s almost here. They can be flaunted all season long. Maxi dresses are highly recommended because they hide away the bloating and that never makes you feel conscious. It’s easy to wear and feels comfortable all day long. Pair them up with some chic accessories and you are ready to take on the summer.

• High waisted pants: Bloating is the number one issue that women face during their periods. Even though it’s natural, it feels weird and women feel compelled to hide it. So here, high waisted pants are the perfect bottoms that will hide your swollen tummy and won’t let you feel discomfort. You can pair your high waisted pants with crop tops and a comfortable pair of footwear to ace the look. Who said you can’t dress up with you’re down? Try high waisted skirts as well.

• Shrugs: Shrugs works as an ideal layering item to your outfit during the periods because it’s not just loose and airy, it also helps hide pad lines. They also literally save the day just in case you happen to stain your outfit. They are easy, comfortable and totally trendy.

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