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Tampons vs pantyliners: the difference

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It’s shark week, you gear up all the weapons you need to fight it. From tampons to menstrual cups, from heating pads to strips of Advil. You believe it is going to be a messy one, thus, prepping yourself for the harrowing week ahead. You go to the washroom, check your panties to only find it to be a false alarm! It’s a bittersweet feeling one can say. Do you shove up a tampon/ menstrual cup already? Do you stuff your panties up with sanitary napkins? It’s a dilemma that only one can solve, and that is pantyliners!

Pantyliners are thin, soft, absorbent pads that line your underwear and adheres to it. They are smaller in size than a usual sanitary pad and lacks the advertising curve of “giving your dreams a pair of wings” because it doesn’t have any. Albeit, they are majorly discussed or talked about only during your periods, they have much more to their value. They are a complete cotton-based product that helps in better absorption and keeps the area dry and afloat.

Remember that unannounced sneeze that made you pee a little? Or the joke that cracked you up to your bladder? Pantyliners help a great deal when it comes to urine incontinence. Your daily hustle with vaginal discharge, trying to keep your beautiful panties away from sticky blotches, they help a great deal with it. They are a perfect fit for summers since it helps the area to be moisture-free, thus, reducing the chances of bacterial infection. The scented pantyliners are great at covering up vaginal odor in case you have one. It’s a go-to female hygiene product, especially for highly active women. This needs to be there in your bag at all times. They come in various types such as eco-friendly ones, rash-free, super absorbent polymer, and ones with anti-microbial protection.

Pantyliners even work as a daily hack for women to avoid sweaty armpits and camel toes. Gone are the days where you need to keep fanning your armpits drenching in sweat or avoid wearing that tight legging that makes your butt looks like a snack! Pantyliners work the best in these situations. It is advisable to change your pantyliners every 5 hours to avoid any kind of infection or irritation. Avoid wearing them at night because, girl, your hoochie needs to breathe and of course we don’t want rashes, do we?

Let’s come back to the shark week. Among a lot of sanitary products, tampon has risen to the ranks lately. It is a cotton/rayon-based cylindrical pad that is inserted into your vagina and helps in absorbing and stopping the flow before it exits. It helps you move around freely throughout the day without worrying about the placement of it or the kind of mess that sanitary pads usually up creating. It comes in various absorbency levels, thus, enabling a better study of what your vagina exactly needs. Some are shaped into the vaginal canal, some have a plastic or cardboard applicator and some even come without any applicator, called digital tampons, you just need to use your fingers to push it in.

Tampons come in various sizes and vary between light, regular and super, depending upon your flow. It does take some time to master the skill but once you’re done, you don’t have to look back at it. The absorption tenure goes up to 8 hours, thus, it is advisable to change it periodically. Even though tampons are comfortable to sleep in during the night, it is still not highly recommended. Doctors would recommend one to switch to sanitary napkins.

Long hours of wearing tampons can be hazardous to your health because it can lead to toxic shock syndrome, produced by a certain kind of vaginal bacteria that can prove lethal for the rest of your organs. Dying due to a tampon isn’t the kind of death you’d want, so use this sweet little magical device smartly!

Albeit, tampons have up their game for shark weeks, you can still expect a leak once a while. Even the properly inserted ones can cause a leak. That is where pantyliners come in handy. You can have a tampon inserted, as well as, wear a pantyliner for extra protection They are advisable mostly on the days when aunt Flo is on a bleeding spree! It covers the entire surface area of your panties thus great at catching any kind of leaks due to the tampons. It provides everyday freshness and absorbs excess moisture during your periods to keep you comfortable. These female hygiene products are a must-have during your periods and your one-stop solution for shark week. For a care-free week with optimum protection and free movement, it is better to gear up more than what is required. In a daily hustling life like yours and ours, periods do turn out to be a necessary evil. Remember to always carry a pantyliner, even if you run out of tampons or sanitary napkins, pantyliners can be the first aid to your bloody crisis.

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