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Causes for a skipped period

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We think every woman would agree with the fact that periods ARE definitely one the most annoying things they have to deal with every month. Not only does it make us antsy when it is about to approach, but when it finally does, it also ends up irritating us quite a bit.

However one thing that can make us even more antsy is if our periods don’t show! There could be a number of reasons for this, pregnancy being one of the most common possibilities. If in case you have ruled out pregnancy as a cause for a skipped period, then read on to know what might be causing it.

  1. Excess of exercise:
    • It is a known fact that the right kind of exercises can actually help to regulate your menstrual cycle and make you feel better during your menses
    • Excess exercise on the other hand, can actually cause the opposite effect
    • When you workout in an extreme manner, it can interfere with your pituitary and thyroid hormone which in turn causes changes in your menstruation and ovulation.
    • These changes however only occur if you workout hours on end in a day. So if you are someone who works out for one or two hours in a day, you need not worry.
  2. Illness:
    • There are quite a few health issues that might cause one to skip their periods.
    • Diseases like thyroid, PCOS, ovarian cysts, diabetes or even liver issues might cause one to skip their period
    • Apart from this, serious conditions like kidney failure, pneumonia or other diseases that can cause rapid weight loss, and as a result nutritional deficiencies, could also be a cause for a skipped period.
  3. Stress:
    • When we experience a skipped period or two, it is but natural for us to get stressed.
    • The issue here is that the more we get stressed, the chances of us skipping a period becomes higher.
    • You see, when we experience too much stress, our body ends up changing the production of the gonadotrophin hormone which is a releasing hormone.
    • As a result of this, the hormone ends up interfering with our ovulation and menstrual cycle.
    • Try relaxing and if you are still facing issues of stress, consult your doctor on how you should cope with the same.
  4. Other issues:
    There might be a few other underlying issues that might be resulting in you skipping your periods. These could be:

    • Certain Medications
    • Change in your daily schedule be it work related or sleep related
    • Perimenopause or menopause
    • Breastfeeding

You need to be a little aware of your body when you end up skipping your periods. If along with skipped periods you are experiencing fevers, excess hair growth, extreme headaches or vomiting, then it is best that you consult your doctor.

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