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Period Hacks: Use these Tips to Feel Better During Period

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A feeling of discomfort often goes hand in hand with the period. From bloating to cramps to emotional outbursts to PMS, every woman experiences these to some degree during their periods. 

This can often be challenging and hinder your daily activities. We understand this and that is why we created some period hacks to help you feel better during that time of the month. Check out these tips: 

  1. Reducing Period Pain
    If you experience mild period cramps and pain, check out these period hacks: 
  • Use a heating pad on your lower abdomen and lower back
  • Take an Epsom salt bath with lavender and clary sage essential oils
  • Massage your abdomen with clary sage essential oil mixed with Jojoba oil.
  • Do light stretches and exercises to relieve muscle cramps.

2. Alleviate Bloating
Period bloating is a common symptom before or during the period adding to the discomfort. Here are some ways to relieve the bloating symptoms:

  • Drink enough water
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. Make sure you are getting enough fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Avoid drinking coffee. Drink herbal tea instead like chamomile tea, ginger tea, and peppermint tea. 
  • Get enough sleep

3. Overcoming Odour
Vaginal odour is a normal thing before and after periods. However, if you smell a strong fishy or yeasty odor and you have itching, burning, or cheese-like discharge – you could have a yeast infection. In that case, you can check with your doctor and take over-the-counter medications for yeast infections. Say goodbye to period odour with Sofy Antibacteria Overnight sanitary napkin that prevents leakage and gives you 99.9% protection from bacteria that causes the smell. 

4. Stay Healthy
Often time-intense period pain or cramps can be due to an underlying health issue or nutritional deficiencies. Eat a healthy whole foods diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, grass-fed meat, eggs, fish, and whole grains. If you are deficient in iron or vitamins, you can take a supplement for the same. Keep the inflammation response of your body low by consuming enough Omega-3 fatty acids. Eliminate refined sugar, refined grains, refined hydrogenated oils, from your diet. 

Incorporate these period hacks to help you reduce PMS, pain, cramps, and discomfort associated with the period.  

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