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Menstrual Health Awareness – Debunking 5 Weird Period Myths

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Periods. They are super common, yet somehow, they’re still shrouded in secrecy and weird myths. Let’s become a myth-buster and break some of the craziest ones floating around.

Myth #1: Periods are icky and “unclean.”

Nope! Just like shedding skin cells, your period is your body’s natural way of preparing for pregnancy. Think of it as spring cleaning for your uterus! There’s nothing dirty about it.

Myth #2: You turn into a raging monster on your period.

Listen, cramps and mood swings are real, but they don’t define you. Plus, everyone experiences periods differently. Embrace the chill vibes and grab a cosy blanket with some hot cocoa if that’s what your body needs or add a li’l beat to your life if that’s what you want.

Myth #3: You can’t exercise or swim while on your period.

Not true! Exercise can actually ease cramps and boost your mood. Go for a walk, hit the gym, or take a dip (tampons are your friend here!). Just listen to your body and choose activities that feel good.

Myth #4: Your period = No romance.

So not true! Having sex during periods is totally safe (and can even be pleasurable for some). Communication is key, so chat with your partner about what feels comfortable for both of you.

Myth #5: Your Period Attracts Bears.

This one might be the weirdest. Relax, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest wild animals can smell your period blood. Plus, tampons and sanitary pads contain the flow, so there’s minimal scent anyway.

The Bottom Line: Periods are a normal, healthy part of life. So, let’s talk about them openly and ditch the shame. SOFY gets it and offers a wide range of period products designed for your comfort and confidence – pads, tampons, and liners – so you can find what works best for you.