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How to deal with acne breakout during puberty

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It is absolutely common and perfectly normal for teenagers to suffer from acne when they are going through puberty. Though acne is not a serious health hazard, severe acne might end up causing and leaving a few permanent scars.

From the face and neck to the back and even chest area, acne tends to spout up in these places most commonly. As already mentioned, acne does not cause serious health issues, but the one thing they do is put a dent in a teen’s confidence and self-esteem.

Why acne occurs?

  • Acne essentially occurs when an oily substance known as sebum collects on the skin’s surface and ends up clogging the pores.
  • Not all teens get acne during puberty, though a majority of them get it due to a specific hormone known as androgen which increase in both girls and boys during puberty
  • These androgens are the ones that cause the skin’s oil glands to secrete more oil by making them larger.
  • The chances of inheriting acne is also a possibility because if a teen’s parents had acne during puberty, the chances of the teen inheriting it is very high
  • The use of beauty and cosmetic products that are greasy in nature also ends up clogging the skin’s pores, thus resulting in further chances of a teen developing acne.

Things to remember when one has acne
There are a few things in particular that a teen should keep in mind so that they don’t end up making the acne worse.

  • Avoid squeezing the pimples/blemishes
  • Do not resort to rubbing or scrubbing the skin where the acne is
  • The changing hormone levels that girls experience prior to their menstrual period can also cause acne to worsen
  • Stress can also have an adverse effect on the acne


  • Acne, especially severe cases need to be treated by a dermatologist.
  • Family doctors or even paediatricians can also treat mind forms of acne
  • Over the counter topical or skin creams that contain ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can help tremendously.
  • Even topical treatments prescribed by the doctor can help tremendously

Prevention is better than cure:
There are a few tips that one can follow to try to avoid the occurrence of acne in the first place.

  • Over-washing the acne affected area will only cause more breakouts and will not help in any way
  • Since they are not caused by dirt, mildly washing the affected area twice a day is more than enough
  • Using water-based cosmetic products on the skin that are oil-free in nature will also be helpful

It is natural to feel self-conscious when one has acne scars, but the need to remember that the scars are not the only thing that define someone is extremely important as well.

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