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Foods to help reduce PMS Cramps

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It is but natural to want to dive into a whole bar of chocolate during your PMS, and even though it will be able to satisfy your cravings, the bottom line is that it will not make you feel all that better either.

Cramps are the worst part of PMS, and dealing with the same can be difficult. But there are more solutions and methods you can use to feel better than popping painkillers or using that heating pad. Here are a few foods to help reduce PMS cramps effectively.

  1. Dark Leafy Vegetables:
    • Dark leafy vegetables are your safest bet and your best friend during this time as they are packed with a number of nutrients.
    • Green leafy vegetables are filled with vitamins like vitamin A, C, K and folate or B9
    • They also contain iron and calcium which is essential to consume, especially seeing that women lose blood every month, thus leading to the loss of iron.
  2. Oats:
    • Oats are one of the most versatile foods that you might ever have come across
    • Not only are they delicious, but they are beautifully nutritious and full of many important minerals
    • Full of fiber, they help you feel fuller for longer
    • They are also full of zinc and magnesium
    • Magnesium helps relax the blood vessels and in the release of serotonin. This chemical helps one fight off depression as well
  3. Salmon:
    • Any cold-water fish, like the salmon are always rich in good fatty acids also known as omega-3
    • Omega-3 has been known to reduce inflammation, making them very effective in general pain relief like your cramps as well
    • Apart from protein, salmon is also full of vitamin D and B6, and Vitamin D is the one that helps your body absorb calcium effectively.
    • The absorption of calcium too helps make period pain manageable.
  4. Tomatoes:
    • Fruits and veggies that are high in potassium are your best friends during this time to help ease any bloating
    • Tomatoes help you get rid of that bad bloat, especially if you are someone who consumes a lot of salt in your daily diet.
    • As salt is one ingredient that makes your body retain a LOT of water, counter-acting this very property of it can help reduce bloating considerably
  5. Chamomile Tea:
    • The best part about chamomile tea is that it is caffeine free
    • But apart from that, it also happens to be brilliantly effective at reducing muscle spasms very effectively
    • This will only  help reduce the pain you feel when cramps come calling during PMS

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