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Why does one undergo weight loss during periods?

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Most of us start gaining weight before and during the periods due to water retention but there are certain girls and women who lose weight. During menstruation, the metabolism speeds up and symptoms of PMS start dominating the female bodies because of which a temporary weight loss occurs. Below are a few reasons that explain the science behind losing weight:-


We often want to miss out meals during periods because of irritation and headache that takes over our bodies. Gastrointestinal distress is one side-effect of PMS because of which one might start feeling less hungry.

Hormonal Fluctuations

Because of the hormonal fluctuations and water retention, one experiences a change in how they feel hungry and how much they want to eat. A change in the appetite occurs during the entire course of the menstruation because of which girls experience a weight loss.


We all that feel of painful cramps felt in the abdomen. Because of the intense pain, one does not want to work out and even miss out on eating a healthy diet. The stomach might also get upset because of the side-effects of pain relief medications. With an upset stomach, one is not able to eat sufficient food and also feel less energetic.

Metabolism Changes

Before the menstruation starts, metabolism increases by 10% which has an effect on the weight of the human bodies. Because of other symptoms of PMS and because of increased metabolism, the body starts reducing temporary weight.

Girls should focus on keeping themselves hydrated and opt for extra fibre to minimise the scope of water retention in the body. If the water retention will be lesser in the body, the chances of weight getting fluctuated will be lesser. The intake of carbohydrates should be less and instead of healthy fat intake should be done.

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