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How to deal with rashes around the intimate area?

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If you have recently started noticing the appearance of rashes near and around your intimate area, then we understand that you might be worried about it. There are a couple of reasons as to why rashes can make an appearance around your vagina and things like parasites and contact dermatitis can be one of the few reasons.

However, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor the moment you start noticing the appearance of rashes in your intimate area.

Of course, the treatment that your doctor decides to with will depend on what kind of rash it is you are suffering from and what it is that is causing it.


From being itchy to being downright uncomfortable, rashes can be extremely irritating without a doubt. With the appearance of rashes there are also other symptoms that one will usually face.

·        Itching

·        Burning

·        Discoloured skin, essentially reddish, purplish or even yellowish

·        Thickening of the skin in patches

·        Blisters and sores

·        Pain when urinating

·        Fever

·        Pain in the pelvic area


Apart from the symptoms, it is of the utmost importance that one knows the cause of these symptoms and the rashes in question. Here are a few conditions that could result in the appearance of these rashes:

·        Contact dermatitis, which happens to be the most common cause

·        Psoriasis

·        Yeast/Bacterial infections

·        Sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis or genital herpes

Other non-serious causes:

·        Overly tight clothing or underwear

·        Red bumps caused by infected pubic hair shafts

·        Friction caused by overlapping folds of skin in obese people

·        Shaving of pubic hair

The good thing, however, is that, for the most part, rashes around the intimate area can easily be cured. Here are a few home remedies that can help.

·        Avoiding synthetic materials when it comes to underwear can go a long way in ensuring that irritation does not occur. Instead, always opt for clothes that are loose-fitting and wear underwear made of cotton

·        If you use a moisturizer in your intimate area then make sure that you use a fragrance-free one as the one with fragrance might cause further irritation.

·        Coconut oil might just be your best friend during this time. Keeping the fact that coconut oil has anti-fungal properties; it could very well curb the irritation and the itchiness that you might be feeling in your intimate area.

·        The same goes for tea tree oil. If, for some reasons you are not too fond of coconut oil, tea tree oil too has the same effect as coconut oil.

·        If you are feeling particularly itchy around the area, then using a cold compress to soothe out any irritation will go a long way.

·        Yeast infections too can be prevented quite effectively by consuming yoghurt that is rich in live cultures

·        Always know that you need to wipe from front to back after you have had your bowel movement and not the other way around.

·        If you have been prescribed antibiotics for an infection by your doctor, then remember to also take probiotics to offset the effect that these antibiotics might have on your health.

Rashes in and around the intimate area are such that they can be cured easily. However, in cases of other underlying conditions like STDs that cannot be cured, the rashes appear as symptoms to the disease and can be managed to a great extent. Hence it is always better to get the cause of the rash diagnosed by a doctor that you trust and get it treated as soon as possible.

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