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How to maintain feminine hygiene during monsoon season

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Humid monsoon is here and so is the fresh earthy smell of damp soil but wait, is that making you feel icky and uncomfortable down there? We feel you, girl. A long-awaited respite from the scorching heat is all cool and fun till you’re on your period or going through a really bad discharge day. The onset of the monsoon season can bring along the possibility of infection-causing bacteria and viruses. Frizzy hair, greasy skin, and chafing are not the only problems of this season when it comes to handling a period when it’s humid as hell. The fluctuation in temperature and the associated humidity in the atmosphere can quite easily result in the development of fungus, bacteria, and yeast infections that eventually lead to numerous vaginal infections. Therefore, it is all the more crucial to take care of your vaginal hygiene. 

But, don’t you worry, we are not here to scare you but to help you out. Below is a list of habits that you can easily adopt to prevent any chances of vaginal infections and discomfort during this wet and damp season. Read on!

Choose your undergarments wisely:

Monsoon is notorious for bringing in the chances of infections and discomfort. It is crucial to wear cotton and breathable undergarments in this season. Anything tight and difficult to breathe in can limit movement and cause more sweat, thereby restricting airflow. This can create an environment for bacterial overgrowth. It is imperative to wear comfortable panties that keep your vaginal area dry and comfortable.


In monsoon, it is advised to clean the intimate area twice a day. Clean and pat dry more often if you face the issue of excessive sweating. Frequent cleaning down there and keeping it dry can keep it free of bacterial infection and odor.

Careful during periods:

Monsoon humidity is plain annoying and irritating. Periods in the monsoon can make things worse. It is extra crucial to maintain proper intimate hygiene during your periods in the monsoon season. Always make sure that your intimate area is clean, dry, and hygienic. Change your menstrual products more often (every 4-6 hours). Use Sofy pantyliners to absorb excess vaginal discharge and keep it fresh down there.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate:

Listen to your mom! Drink enough water and stay hydrated. Monsoon humidity causes excess sweating. We lose body fluid and salt more frequently. Staying hydrated keeps the urinary tract clear and safe. It also helps in flushing out toxins from the body and maintaining the pH balance. Drinking enough water can maintain the bacterial balance and reduce the risk of vaginal infection.

Don’t shave too often

Pubic hair plays an important role in your intimate hygiene. It offers a protective role by reducing friction and preventing the transmission of bacteria. It is like a protective blanket layer for your vagina. Thus, during the humid monsoon season, it is advised to shave your pubic hair only when required as it can prevent the spread of bacteria and reduce the risk of infection.

Curb the craving of spicy food

You are what you eat, you might have heard this a lot. This sucks but it’s true. The acidic nature of such food can result in an imbalance of the pH of our body. This imbalance can have a major impact on our vaginal health, causing a bad odor down there. Instead of spicy food, increase the intake of probiotic-rich food like plain yogurt, strawberry, and green leafy vegetables. These are known to help support the growth of healthy bacteria in the vagina.

Don’t be harsh on your vagina

Remember how it made you feel when people were harsh on you? Well, don’t do that to your vagina. The skin down there is very sensitive and gentle care is required in its maintenance. Soaps are absolutely discouraged in your vaginal area since they have a much higher pH factor than your natural vaginal pH. Frequent use of soaps can result in itchiness and redness and can cause a drastic imbalance in the pH levels, which can encourage the overgrowth of infection-causing bacteria.
It is essential to be gentle while taking care of your intimate area. Harsh rubbing and scrubbing is a strict no-no.

Ask for help. Never Hesitate.

Always reach out for help and consult a gynecologist if you face symptoms of vaginal infections or diseases. Over-the-counter medicines and ointments should only be the answer in case of emergency and urgent needs. It is always best to consult a professional first and follow the steps that are advised by them.

Monsoon is a season that’s very happening and joyous, when we enjoy the much-desired break from the scorching heat. It is a different period altogether, bringing out the fun child in us. But this season also brings along great conditions that can cause infections and diseases. Switch to Sofy AntiBacteria pads to stay safe and hygienic during those bloody messy days. On days where regular discharge is causing you discomfort, Sofy pantyliners with Quick Absorb Pores are gonna feel like heaven and you can take our word for it. Make Sofy your best friend and you would not need to worry about vaginal or period discomfort.

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