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6 things you need to know before using Pantyliners

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Pantyliners, you might have heard this term by now because your best friends might be using them. These might be an indispensable part of your cousin’s hygiene routine. Seeing all your peer groups, have you also been thinking of adopting pantyliners but still not sure about it? Do you have the required information before adopting this step?

First, let us tell you what’s the difference between Pantyliners and Pads

Pads and pantyliners are slightly similar because they both stick to the insides of your underwear/panties with the help of a small adhesive strip on the back. However, liners are much thinner than pads and are used to absorb light fluids like small post-period spotting or daily discharge. It can be used before and after your periods, but not while you are menstruating because they are not meant to absorb heavy discharges. If you are curious to know the differences in detail, check out

The ideal purpose of a liner is to absorb everyday vaginal discharge, unexpected light period spotting, staining, and post-intercourse discharge. They provide everyday protection, keep the moisture away thereby minimizing the possibility of infections, and keep your panties dry and clean. Still scared, skeptical, or unclear about the dos and don’ts of liners? No worries, we have collated a list of dos and don’ts of using pantyliners while you maintain your menstrual hygiene.

Safe to use:

Are you hesitant to use a liner because someone told you it is harmful to your vagina and can cause infections?
Honey, whoever told you this obviously did not know enough. Pantyliners are extremely safe to use, even for daily use. It is completely okay to use them to prevent panty staining, pregnancy discharge, any moisture-related irritation, or even to absorb the regular vaginal discharge. Liners are one of the most important things to maintain good intimate hygiene as it keeps you fresh, clean and hygienic down there.

Choose the right liner

Since pantyliners are such an important part of a woman’s intimate hygiene, it is important to choose the right liner. They should be breathable and soft on the skin. An ideal panty liner is light, easy to wear, comfortable, and gets the job done effectively. If you’re worried about catching infections or rashes, switch to Sofy AntiBacteria pantyliners. The antibacterial sheet gives you 99.9% protection against bad vaginal bacteria. And if discharge smell is your problem area, Sofy Daily Fresh with Quick Absorb Pores is the answer.

Answer to vaginal irritation and rashes

Itchiness, irritation, and blisters down there are an actual pain for most women. Our everyday tasks and chores become a herculean task because the main task is to manage work through the pain and discomfort. Ladies, you can avoid these problems down, thereby keeping your vaginal area clean and fresh. Therefore, it is all the more important to use pantyliners to keep the panties feeling fresh and dry every day. Keep changing the liners in regular intervals. Choose a cotton liner, have regular showers and keep your vaginal area clean.
Also, make sure to wash your hands before putting on a fresh liner to avoid the transferring of bacteria.

When not to use liners

Liners are generally used to soak up vaginal discharge. It is advised to avoid using them while you sleep as your vagina needs to breathe so let it free at night.
You should also avoid using liners on heavy period days. They can work efficiently to soak up occasional spotting, but they are not designed to face heavy bleeding.
Moreover, if you already have a vaginal yeast infection, refrain from using liners for a couple of days or till the time your gynecologist has advised. As they are meant for absorption, they can trap moisture and prevent airflow and make your infection worse. If you are a first-time user, here are some basic steps to put on a liner

If you are a first-time user, here are some basic steps to put on a liner

  • Liners have an adhesive strip at the back just like pads.
  • A liner should be placed vertically and secured around the gusset of the underwear.
  • It is advised to change a liner as often as 4-5 hours to reduce the chance of infections and irritation. Irrespective of the ideal hours, if it becomes extremely moist for you, you must quickly change your liner.
  • Ladies, it is high time to include panty liners in your intimate hygiene routine if you haven’t already. They are easy to use, thin, affordable, and the best option in case of emergencies. So keep them as a backup in your period pouch or wear them in case you have a sticky situation down there or even if life gives you a false period alarm. Sofy provides two pantyliners – AntiBacteria and Daily Fresh. It comes with unique Quick Absorb Pores that make sure you feel clean, confident, and fresh. If quality and affordability are prime concerns in a liner, Sofy Pantyliner is the answer.

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