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PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)

5 tips to have a pain free period

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If you experience severe PMS symptoms and excruciating pain during periods it’s time to make some changes to your lifestyle. Don’t let periods put the brakes on your life. Take charge of your health and follow these simple tips for comfortable and pain-free periods. Saffron Kesar or saffron is excellent […]

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6 Yoga postures to ease PMS symptoms

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If you experience severe PMS symptoms like menstrual cramps, bloating, tiredness, headaches, anxiety, back pains, every month, a regular yoga practice can not only help ease the symptoms but also reduce and banish its occurrence drastically. Yoga helps improve blood circulation, revitalizes every cell with oxygen and thereby helps to […]

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How Are Breast Pain And The Menstrual Cycle Linked?

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With every period that we have, we always experience a balance of two types of things – the known and the unknown. The known stuff can range from knowing that your period is going to last for 3 days or 5, that one of the tell-tale signs of your periods […]

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What Causes Headaches During The Menstrual Cycle?

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While we face a lot of things that fall under PMS “symptoms”, period headaches are probably the worst. These headaches that Aunt Flo bring during her visits as a tag-along guest are also known as hormonal headaches. We all know how our hormones fluctuate like a crazy ball all month […]

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Bathroom Habits during Periods

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We all must have experienced a change in the digestion process during menstruation. Period poop is a real thing — all the girls and women feel a change in the consistency and the frequency of the poop. Apart from this, getting diarrhoea or constipation is also normal. Read below to […]

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