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How to Choose the Right Pad?

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Period days can be difficult enough without having to worry about choosing the correct product from the deluge of menstrual hygiene products available in the market these days. When you are already dealing with cramps, mood swings and discomfort, you shouldn’t have to bother about an ill  fitting sanitary pad that doesn’t meet your needs. 

Will your pad provide a snug fit that covers leakages? Will it allow unhindered mobility and movement? Which pad has the best absorption to ensure a dry yet no-chafe experience? Can a pad also provide a fresh, clean smell? Should you consider alternatives to sanitary pads? We are here to answer all your questions and more. And to offer you a ready list of types of pads to suit every kind of requirement.

Heavy flow and leakage? We have just what you need!

We know exactly how uncomfortable the experience of a heavy flow can be. It’s made worse by the constant anxiety about leakage and staining. What you need is a heavy-duty absorbent pad that fits your contours like a glove. You need a pad that is designed to absorb the flow and transfer it to the last layer so that the top-sheet is always dry and fresh. A pad with deep absorbent sheets and a snug body fit is the perfect answer to heavy flow days. No more being held back by the fear of leakage! Now you can move freely, dance, exercise and have unlimited fun even on heavy flow days.

Can a sanitary pad help with the smell on period days?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Why should you have to deal with the smell issue in addition to the cramps and discomfort of period days? Never fear, we have an easy solution. There are pads that come enriched with the power of anti-bacterial protection, infused with the scent of selected herbs. These pads help you mask the smell and effectively prevent leakage too.

Which menstrual hygiene product can help me get rid of the sticky feeling, especially in summer?

Period during summer months can be particularly distressing due to the sticky, sweaty damp sensation that wearing a pad can cause. However, you can now forget about feeling sticky and icky because there is an innovative product that solves the problem with menthol. Yes, you read correctly! Pads now come with a unique technology that keeps you feeling cool and fresh during your periods. These ultra-thin sanitary napkins are also super absorbent and leakage free. So, say goodbye to stickiness and hello to menthol freshness that lets you go about your day feeling comfortable and confident.

When it comes to sanitary napkins, it is definitely not one size fits all. So what size suits you best?

A good fit makes all the difference in clothes, shoes and especially in sanitary napkins. Selecting the correct size and shape of pad is absolutely essential to all day comfort and leakage protection. Most day time pads come in at least three size categories: regular, XL & XL+. You also have the choice of thick pads and ultra-thin, super absorbent variants. The first step to choosing the right pad is ascertaining the level of your period flow. Some of us experience a heavy flow on the first couple of days. Others only have heavy flow at night. Some might have a heavy flow throughout. Pick the size based on your current needs. Different days may need differing sizes of pads.

Now that we know about what suits you best, how often should you change your sanitary napkin? It is advisable to change our sanitary napkin every 3-4 hours. This prevents the fear of leakage and stains as well as ensuring good hygiene, especially during the active hours of daytime. Of course, pads can be easily worn for up to 8 hours or over the night. Some variants of slim and extra-long sanitary napkins are specifically designed for overnight usage and they also provide 99.9% protection from bacteria.
To ensure proper hygiene, it is advisable to change your pad every 4-6 hours.

Now that we have answered the most frequently asked questions about sanitary napkins, we hope you can pick the best pad for your needs, and have a clean, and confident period.

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