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Ways You Can Use A Panty Liner This Summer

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Most of us have a kind of love-hate relationship with summers in India. We love the sun, the watermelons, mangoes, and the pool parties, but humidity and the sweat-storm quickly diminish our affection. Sunday brunches and summer picnics are some of the favourite summer staples. But has it ever happened to you that your fun, chill weekend outing with the besties gets completely messed because of the wet discomfort down there? It has, right? And by the time you rush to the bathroom, your underwear is already stained.

Vaginal discharge is normal. But the discomfort it comes with should never win. This is when pantyliners come into the picture. For every woman who has tried it, a pantyliner is a saviour. A smaller version of sanitary pads, they are lighter, thinner, and unlike sanitary pads, they are not used to soak up too much of your menstruation or period blood. By now we know it can be specially used to absorb daily white discharge, post-intercourse discharge, or extremely light menstrual spotting.

These tiny liners are now an integral part of our intimate hygiene routines. If you still have any doubts regarding how and why to use these in summer, read on!

  1. Intimate Hygiene: Having vaginal discharge throughout is normal. But it comes with dampness and wet discomfort. To tackle these issues, we can use pantyliners and their thin yet effective absorbent sheets. They keep you dry and fresh throughout the day. And in hot summer months like this, a fresh and comfortable feeling is all we need to boost our moods.
  2. Protection for underwires: Have you noticed your underwears having a ‘bleached’ stain? Well, that is because your vaginal discharge has a natural acidic PH. This acidic nature interacts with the dyes and leaves a stain. But there is always a solution. You can use panty liners and save your favourite underwear from getting stained. They can be used daily to manage our non-period days.
  3. Unexpected period leaks: – Every woman is different, and so are their menstrual cycles. Some may have a 4-day period cycle while some can experience bleeding for as long as 7 days. But one thing is common, we all have experienced those unexpected period leaks – whether on the first day or the eighth. These embarrassing mishaps can be coped with pantyliners. Try wearing a pantyliner a few days before and after your periods and avoid these leaks. The absorbent sheets in these can very well soak up light menstrual spotting.
  4. Post-partum flow: New mothers experience leaks for a few days and sometimes even weeks after labor. And this is completely natural. But to manage this flow, a new mom can use a pantyliner easily. These tiny versions of pads can effectively soak leaks and save you from any accidents.
  5. Absorb Sweat: Do you love to play sports? Even in summer? But sweat ruins your mood? Since pantyliners absorb wetness really well, we can also use them on hot, sweaty days. Their sheets can effectively soak up the sweat and leave a fresh, dry, and most importantly, comfortable feeling.

Now that we have spoken about the easy ways we can use pantyliners and experience freshness in summers, let us also have a look at some important things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure to change your pantyliners regularly, just like pads. Prolonged use of the same pantyliner can cause bacterial infections.
  2. Pantyliners are not made for heavy period days. Since it is made of thin sheets, heavy bleeding can diminish its purpose. They cannot absorb a heavy flow.
  3. If you have sensitive skin and experience issues, try to use pantyliners which are made of natural materials. They are gentle on your skin and will avoid side effects

In case you are new to pantyliners and are wondering where to start, we are glad to tell you that Sofy pantyliners are easily accessible without leaving a dent in your pockets.

  1. Sofy AntiBacteria pantyliner – Its green bacterial sheet gives you 99.9% protection from bacteria. When there are no bacteria, there is no odour or discomfort. Enjoy the fresh and confident feeling on your non-period days even on these hot summer days.
    Available in – 18 pieces/36 pieces
  2. Sofy Daily Fresh pantyliner – Its thin sheet has a unique element called quick absorb pores. These pores are efficient in absorbing any kind of wetness and discharges or spottings, keeping your panties clean and fresh. As the name suggests, you can wear it daily and enjoy that confident and hygienic feeling.
    Available in – 18 pieces/36 pieces

Pantyliners are such a crucial part of our lives, helping us with our vaginal discharge and spotting. They can be used on occasions, every day, on your workout sessions – basically, any time you want. Use Sofy pantyliners for ultimate comfort, extra hygiene, and to ace that clean confident look.


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