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A First-Timer’s Guide to Using a Sanitary Pad

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Finding a sanitary pad that’s right for you may take a while. While there are many options available in the market, there are also several factors, right from the size of the pad to its absorption capacity and a lot of other things in between, that need to be considered when buying a sanitary pad offline or online.

  • Material – The material of the pad determines how soft or comfortable it would be. Cotton pads like Sofy sanitary pads are soft on the skin, breathable, and don’t cause rashes.
  • Size – If you experience heavy periods, you should opt for XL pads. Longer pads provide more coverage and are, hence, preferred during heavy flow days. Sofy Super XL+ is 323 mm long and ensures that there’s no leakage.

Many brands like Sofy also offer a range of overnight pads that are longer and wider than regular pads to provide extra coverage during night-time.

  • Absorbency – A good sanitary pad is highly absorbent. Sofy sanitary pads have a deep absorbent sheet to ensure that you feel dry and comfortable all day.
  • Affordability – Since this is an expense that you have to bear every month, look for quality sanitary pads that are also affordable.
  • To minimize the possibility of a bacterial infection on or after your period, choose sanitary napkins that provide protection from bacteria. You can explore the range of Anti-bacterial pads by Sofy.
  • As a first-time sanitary pad buyer, refrain from buying sanitary pads online. Even if you are choosing to buy a sanitary pad online, make sure the vendor has a refund policy in place.
  • Make sure that the pad you use isn’t bleached. Bleached pads can react with menstrual blood to give rise to methane. It can lead to skin irritations.

Be it night or day, a pad is meant to keep you feeling dry and comfortable by keeping leakage at bay. You might not immediately find your perfect fit but we hope this helps you make a smart choice.

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