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Best Affordable Pads for Periods Online

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Menstruating is an essential part of a woman’s life, and so is a sanitary pad. That is why, it is important to treat sanitary pads and other menstrual hygienic products as necessities, not luxury items.

These days, finding an affordable yet good-quality sanitary pad can be a task. Although there are many hygiene brands available online, it can become quite overwhelming to choose the right one for you. We made a checklist to guide you through everything you need to consider while buying sanitary products. So, before you add your chosen sanitary pad to the cart, take a look at the checklist below.

Great absorbency

No matter the flow, no one wants to wake up in the middle of the night and find a massive blood stain on the bed sheet. While taking affordability into consideration, you must also check if the sanitary pad can absorb a good volume of blood. SOFY Bodyfit has a deep absorbent sheet that prevents leakage even on heavy flow days.

Material used

The material used to make the sanitary napkin is one of the most important things you should look at. You wouldn’t want to increase your period woes with a sanitary pad of low quality. The skin around our intimate area is highly sensitive and pads made with a harsh material can cause rashes and irritation.


Each woman is unique, and so is her body and flow. It’s very important to choose a sanitary pad as per her flow and convenience. A larger pad like the SOFY AntiBacteria Super XL+ will provide extra coverage and extra protection against leakage.

Antibacterial properties

Ensure that your sanitary napkin is bacteria-resistant to prevent infections before, during, and after your period. You can explore the range of anti-bacterial pads offered by SOFY.

Once you have ticked all the points from the above list, you can shortlist the most affordable sanitary pads. Many brands like SOFY offer complete packages at affordable prices. When you shortlist the brand, remember that buying sanitary napkins is not a one-time job, you have to bear it every month. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you look for quality sanitary pads that are also affordable.

If you keep an eye on online offers, you can get lucky and grab some amazing deals on your choice of sanitary pads. You may also simply register on SOFY’s website and get regular updates on exciting offers.

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