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How Important is the Sanitary Napkin Size?

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Every woman is unique and so is her experience with periods. Most women are unaware of the different sizes, shapes, and materials a sanitary pad comes in. When we don’t settle for one-size-fits-all in anything else in life, why do we settle when it comes to sanitary products?

The choice of sanitary pads depends on various factors that are unique to you like period flow, body type, and lifestyle. A pad that does not fit is likely to cause discomfort. Our biggest concern, the risk of leakage, can be entirely avoided if we just find the right size of sanitary pads. There is a range of pad sizes – small, regular, extra-large – available in the market for all our unique needs. So, it is important for you to choose a sanitary pad’s size very carefully.

  • During the first few days of the period, women usually experience heavier flow than the days that follow. On those days, you must opt for an extra-long like the SOFY Super XL+ that’d provide extra coverage. The SOFY Super XL+ sanitary pads are 323m long.
  • While looking for an overnight pad, ensure that it is longer than the regular pad. Our movement at night calls for a pad that can provide extra coverage and prevent the risk of leakage. SOFY provides a range of overnight pads that you can choose from.
  • You must also look for pads that come with an anti-bacterial sheet to prevent bacterial infections in intimate areas. You could try the SOFY AntiBacteria sanitary pad.
  • Cotton pads like the SOFY pads are quite comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. Unlike pads made with harsh synthetic materials, they aren’t prone to cause rashes.

Be it a regular or an extra-long pad, you will find them all at Sofy. SOFY pads are made with soft cotton to ensure maximum comfort. Cotton pads are easy on the skin and do not lead to rashes. Choose the best sanitary pad for yourself from the range offered by SOFY.

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