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Important things to consider when choosing a sanitary pad

Let’s discuss sanitary pads. A common misconception among women is that all sanitary pads are the same, and no matter what you choose, there’s bound to be leakage. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Much like everything else in life, sanitary pads aren’t one-size-fits-all either. Finding sanitary pads that are right for you, and your body is the first and most important step towards menstrual hygiene.

There are so many sanitary pads available in the market. How do you choose the one that’d work for you? Understanding your periods and body is a major step to finding the answer. Each of our bodies is different and unique and so are our menstrual cycles. Some of us experience heavy flow and painful cramps while for the fortunate rest, periods are easier & breezier. It is also advised to track your periods to better understand them.

Your lifestyle would also affect the kind of sanitary pad you’d need. For those of you with busier day-to-day, opt for sanitary pads that provide all-day comfort and extra coverage for when you’re out and about the day. Let’s list a few other things you must consider.

Good Absorbency

What could possibly be worse than the discomfort you feel when it’s icky-sticky down there? Regular pads do not absorb fluids effectively and leave the discharge sticking out at the surface of the pad. A pad with a deep absorbent sheet, like SOFY, provides maximum absorption so that you continue to feel dry and fresh.

Length of the Napkin

If you experience heavy flow and your regular-sized pad does not seem to provide you the coverage you need, switch to longer pads. SOFY provides a wide range of extra-long pads for that extra coverage some of us look for. Furthermore, our sleeping position affects the movement of our flow. For this purpose, you could explore SOFY overnight pads with a wider hip guard.


Some sanitary pads are made of cotton. Some others are made with a plastic-netted material. When choosing a sanitary pad, you must consider the material it is made of lest it gives you rashes or bruises. The type of material also affects its breathability. Cotton pads are softer and more gentle on the skin.


When it comes down to buying a sanitary pad, it shouldn’t hurt your pocket. Choose brands like SOFY that deliver quality products at affordable prices.

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