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Overnight Napkins

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Things to Look For in an Overnight Napkin During Periods

First and foremost, period leakage is absolutely normal, especially if you experience heavy period flow. In some cases, an  underlying health condition could also cause unusually heavy periods, and consulting a menstrual health expert is recommended.

However, if your health is fine, heavy periods won’t last more than 2-3 days. Sleeping at night during periods often becomes dreadful because sleeping in an awkward position may lead to leakage from the sides of your pad.

Benefits of Using Overnight Napkins During Periods:

  • An overnight sanitary napkin is specifically designed to avoid leakage while you twist and turn in your sleep.
  • It is recommended to use a fresh overnight napkin before you go to bed.
  • It is longer & wider, thus, provides extra coverage.
  • Pads with wings are worn to prevent overnight leakage.

What Makes a Good Overnight Napkin/Pad?

At the end of the day, a pad that provides maximum coverage is the way to go (pun intended).

Opt for Overnight Napkins/Pads from Sofy for unparalleled comfort during your period. Sofy pads come with an antibacterial layer that prevents bacterial growth and infections. The core is dual absorbent and locks the fluids to prevent it from staining your clothes. The pads are made with soft materials that do not end up causing skin rashes and bruises.

Use Sofy’s Overnight Napkin for peaceful sleep nights, even on heavy flow days.

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