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Soft Period Pads

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The Benefits of Using Soft Period Pads

Let’s be honest, periods can be irksome. They never come empty-handed. They come with unpredictable mood swings, painful cramps, and reduced energy levels. To add to it, period leakage can disrupt your everyday life.

Choosing the right sanitary pad can make all the difference. A reliable period pad, that is soft, long and wide enough for you, will keep you dry and fresh while you twist, turn, and conquer the day.

What are Soft Period Pads?

Soft period pads are pads made for sensitive skin, such as the skin around our intimate areas. These pads keep you protected from leakage and infections, with no risk of rashes or bruises. Sanitary pads made of cotton are often preferred since they are gentle on the skin and easily absorb fluid.

Features of Soft Period Pads or Cotton Pads

  • Soft period pads do not end up damaging your skin or cause rashes.
  • These pads do not irritate when worn over longer durations.
  • They are long and wide to provide that extra coverage while you travel long distances.
  • Soft period pads, like Sofy sanitary pads, provide protection from bacterial infections.
  • Cotton sanitary pads are ultra-soft, lightweight, and provide excellent absorption.

Why Go for Sofy’s Soft Period Pads?

Sofy’s period pads are very comfortable and affordable. They feature a unique green sheet composed of natural ingredients. Their anti-bacterial sheet provides complete protection from a wide set of bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, and Staphylococcus aureus. The cotton pads are comfortable and do not lead to rashes and bruises. Maintain your menstrual hygiene with Sofy’s soft period pads.

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