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Pads That Prevent Smell

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Ways to get rid of period smell

Periods can be painful. We’ve all experienced period leakage (staining) at some point in our lives. If this is your first time experiencing periods, you should buy a set of long-lasting and comfortable sanitary pads. Choose pads that are designed specifically to counter heavy leakage without getting displaced.

In recent years, pad that prevents smell have gained popularity because they do not smell bad after absorbing fluids.

Why people prefer Pads That Prevent Smell:

  • Using a smelly period pad can lead to irritation.
  • Pads that prevent smell provide the user with a comfortable feeling.
  • Most of these pads will stay in place over prolonged periods without making you uncomfortable.
  • Using a pad that prevents smell will help keep you proactive and positive without the fear of foul smell, stains, and leakage.

What to Look for in a pad that prevents smell?

  • Look for a sanitary pad that features an antibacterial sheet. This sheet would prevent foul odour due to bacterial growth.
  • Go for a pad that is wide enough to soak fluids with ease.
  • Look for an XL-size pad for complete coverage.
  • Even if you stay put for long hours, it won’t lead to stained garments because the liquid does not stay on the surface.

Sofy’s pad that prevents smell are preferred because they are made with a soft material on skin to help you stay relaxed during your periods. These pads come with antibacterial properties to prevent bacterial infections. Moreover, these pads are known for their refreshing unique fragrance. Keep yourself dry and comfortable during your periods with Sofy’s fragrant pads.

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