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Overnight Pads During Periods

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During periods, our hormones go through ups and downs and so does our sleep. We often have to get up more frequently to replace our pads, which interferes with our sleep. There’s also a fear of leakage and staining the bed. Sleep deprivation may make you irritable and grumpy. To avoid this, we need pads that are adequate enough to lock period leakage for a longer time.

Overnight pads provide extra protection when we’re lying down and can absorb heavy flow. They are generally longer and broader than standard daytime pads. SOFY Overnight pads are made with cotton that assists in absorbing flow while also keeping you dry and comfortable all night. They also come with wings that act like extra leak-proof barriers on the sides or avoid unintentional leaks while sleeping.

Sofy AntiBacteria Overnight pads are also apt for you if you do not want disturbed sleep. In order to sleep soundly and wake up without stains on their clothes or bed sheets, women require extra protection at night. They stay in place and do not get deformed while sleeping.  Also, they are 350 mm long which provides you proper length and coverage area so that you will be tension free and enjoy your uninterrupted sleep. Sofy AntiBacteria Overnight with Green Sheet offers 99.9% bacteria prevention and comes with a longer, broader hip guard for added back leakage protection.

Using night pads not only prevents leakage but also provides peace of mind. They’re especially appropriate if you experience more nighttime leakage than usual. So, if you often wake up with stains on your bed, SOFY Overnight pads are the way to go. They come with Green Sheet that offers 99.9% bacteria prevention and comes with a longer, broader hip guard for added back leakage protection.

Overnight pads can be used for maternity purposes as well. They are meant to be worn to absorb lochia (bleeding after childbirth) as well as urine. They are longer and broader than usual pads and are intended to provide increased absorbency and leakage prevention for prolonged periods. These pads can be used during traveling too as it becomes difficult to change pads frequently while going for a long journey.

When using night pads, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s directions for changing intervals to guarantee good hygiene and to avoid irritation or infection. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, it’s also a good idea to buy pads produced from hypoallergenic material.

If you have any concerns or particular questions regarding night pads or menstrual hygiene in general, speak with your healthcare practitioner or gynecologist.

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