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Most Hygienic Sanitary Napkins

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The woman of today lives a hectic life. And periods don’t make things much easier for her. Almost every woman bears the pain of rashes, bacteria, and skin irritation every month. Just changing your sanitary pad at regular intervals i.e. 3-4 hrs or washing hands before and after use, is not enough. You also need something which can protect you from bacteria.

Anti-bacterial sanitary napkins are intended to give additional bacteria protection and to encourage better hygiene during menstruation. Here’s what you should look for in a pad to ensure proper menstrual hygiene.

  • Check if your pad contains anti-bacterial properties to fight the bacteria which originate from humidity and heat and causes unpleasant odour. SOFY AntiBacteria comes with a natural anti-bacterial sheet that protects against odour-causing bacteria.
  • Many are going for all-natural and organic products to safeguard themselves from different skin-related issues. So, check the quality of pads to ensure that they are made of permeable fabrics. It should have good airflow which reduces moisture and allows for greater ventilation, keeping you clean and fresh too. Sofy offers the Antibacterial super XL+ pads in a 323 mm size. This length is more than enough to cover the area and provide adequate ventilation.
  • Check to see if the antibacterial sanitary napkin offers trustworthy leak prevention to avoid any leakage onto underwear or clothes. Look for choices with leak-proof barriers or channels to make you feel safe and secure. Sofy’s Antibacterial XL pads are large enough to provide you with proper protection as well as safety and help to maintain the confidence for going out with your besties.
  • When sweat comes in contact with period blood, it can cause the problem of odour. These antibacterial pads properly absorb blood and combats the odour with organic fragrances. Odour-controlling qualities are frequently used in antibacterial sanitary napkins to reduce or neutralize unpleasant odours associated with menstruation.
  • You should always look for pads that are hypoallergenic which means they are devoid of scents and harsh chemicals and are meant to reduce the risk of skin irritation or allergic responses. These harsh chemicals impact our skin and are very viable to cause blackness near the vaginal area. These antibacterial napkins are very skin friendly and are gentle on our skin. Cotton pads are best for all skin types. In addition, organic and biodegradable pads are also prevailing in the market you can opt for these too.

So, antibacterial pads are best suited not only for summer but for every weather and every skin type.

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