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Pads To Use for Heavy Flow

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Sanitary pads are available in a broad range of styles to meet the demands of menstruating girls. Because we all have varied personalities and body types, our needs for sanitary napkins vary. Often when our menstrual flow is so thick that normal pads are unable to retain that much blood, XL sanitary pads come to the rescue. These pads have a high absorbency level and can hold a heavier amount of flow. XL pads are tailor-made for those girls and women who face the problem of heavy bleeding and do not have time to change pads frequently. 

Compared to regular and small-sized pads, extra-large pads provide prolonged leakage protection and are long enough to provide coverage even during heavy flow. Thus, it is recommended to use extra-large pads during the first few days of your period when you would usually experience heavier flow.

SOFY AntiBacteria Super XL+ pads offer extra protection against leakage to help you maintain proper hygiene. They are 323mm long and have a deep absorbent sheet that absorbs flow until the last layer keeping the top sheet visibly cleaner and fresher.

To guarantee a better fit and comfort, XL pads may have a unique shape and design. They frequently feature wings that assist to keep the pad in place, minimizing movement and decreasing leakage. These wings have sticky material behind them which helps pads to be in its place and prevents them from deformation. Also, they are apt for your disturbance-free, good night’s sleep as you don’t have to change your pad frequently during the night. In addition, this pad will suit fit for that girl who has an active working day that involves a lot of physical work.

SOFY extra-large Super XL+ pads are also the ideal choice for women that have a more active lifestyle. This pad, with its leakage protection, allows you to ace your busy days without the fear of leakage.

To conclude, there may be many pads with varying shapes and sizes to choose from but if you’re looking for stress-free heavy flow days, SOFY AntiBacteria Super XL+ is the ideal choice.

It’s worth noting that certain XL sanitary pads come with extra features and variants. As a result, it’s best to consult the box or the manufacturer’s literature for specifics on a particular brand’s XL sanitary pads.

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