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Exercises to keep period cramps at bay

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We understand that working out and exercising might just be the last thing that comes to your mind when you are on your periods. But it might just surprise you to know that the right workouts when done during periods can actually help you feel better and relieve cramps very effectively.


  • Walking might just be the safest and least complicated option of all when we talk about working out during periods.
  • As it is a gentle way of exercising, it helps tremendously in releasing tension from your pelvic area.
  • Walking also helps stretch out your lower back effectively, thus making you feel more relaxed.
  • Bloating and cramps also bid you adieu when you decide to go for regular walks during your periods.
  • A 30-45 minute walk in one go should be enough to help you feel better and relaxed
  • Make sure that you walk briskly and not slow and steadily. The briskness of your pace will loosen up the muscles in your pelvis and reduce the pain from the cramps.


  • Cardio workouts include exercises like running, using the elliptical machine or even swimming.
  • Dancing too can be considered to be a cardio workout to say the least.
  • When one does cardio, the level of endorphins go up in your brain
  • This in turn helps one reduce headaches as well as menstrual cramps quite effectively


  • Planks, apart from strengthening the back to a great extent, help to ease the tension around the pelvic area during your periods, thus relieving you from the pain caused by the cramps.


  • Yoga might just be your best friend when it comes to working out during your periods.
  • There are so many yoga poses and asanas that can be tremendously beneficial for you when it comes to alleviating the cramps, that one can barely ever run out of them
  • Poses like the child pose, the knee-to-chest pose, the savasana, and the forward fold pose are just to name a few asanas that one can try out to get rid of that period pain for good.

Working out is a good thing during periods, but knowing what kind of exercises work for your body during that time, is equally important too. So do your homework, and visit your doctor if need be, before you make these workouts a part of your daily routine.