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Foods to eat and avoid during periods

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It pretty much goes without saying that most women essentially hate that time of the month each time it makes an appearance. But for each woman their menses are different. For some, they experience next to no symptoms, but for many others getting out of bed is also hard due to cramps, and nausea and other severe symptoms.

The good thing however, is that many food products can help you during your periods, while some foods can make your periods worse.

Here is a list of the foods that you should eat and ones that you should avoid during your periods.

Foods to eat:

  1. Bananas:
    • Diarrhoea or irregular bowel movement is very common during periods and is something that many women suffer from.
    • Bananas help with regulating your bowel movement and also helps ease irritation induced by diarrhoea
    • Since bananas are full of nutrients like magnesium, potassium and fiber, it truly helps relax your stomach muscles
    • As a result of the muscle relaxant property, one also experiences relief from period cramps
  2. Dark Chocolate:
    • Healthy and organic chocolate can actually help you during your periods very effectively
    • There is a reason why our body craves chocolate during periods specifically
    • Try opting for unsweetened dark chocolate from a known food supplier instead of those sugar filled chocolates from your local markets
  3. Oranges:
    • Oranges aren’t merely tasty and tangy fruits, but they also happen to be especially helpful during periods
    • Rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, oranges can actually ease a lot of symptoms related to your periods each month
    • Both Vitamin D and Calcium have been known to alleviate period cramps apart from being able to help with mood swings and keeping one away from various depressive symptoms as well
    • Other than this, oranges are also rich in fiber which in turn help with any digestive issues that you might be facing
  4. Other foods to eat:
    • Salmon
    • Lemons
    • Figs
    • Broccoli
    • Eggs
    • Chamomile

Foods to avoid:

  1. Alcohol:
    • Consuming alcohol might just be a bad idea during the 5 to 7 days that your periods seem to last for
    • When you lose blood during your periods, the chances of you having low-blood pressure is high
    • If you consume alcohol during this time, then the chances of you succumbing to the effects of the alcohol are higher
    • Alcohol could also cause you to lose more blood during your periods
  2. Candy:
    • The sugar that your body needs and craves during your periods can easily be found in fruits itself.
    • Resorting to snacking on store bought candies and chocolate bars should not be on your to do list during your periods
    • Apart from having next to no nutrients in them, these candies can actually lead to more bloating and gas formation during your periods
  3. Spicy Foods:
    • If you are someone who experiences extreme symptoms during your periods then spicy food should not be on the menu for you
    • Spicy foods, similar to candies and snacks, can lead to more bloating and gas accumulation in your gut

What you need to remember during your periods is that you can lead a comparatively symptom free period by merely resorting to eating healthier and more wholesome foods and ditching those packaged and heavily processed foods. Make good choices!

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