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6 Ways to Pamper Yourself During Your Period

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The reality of what women experience during their period is quite different than what is portrayed in movies and stories. Whether you are a new mother or a working professional, you might feel the obligation to stay as much active as on regular days. But, what if you can be more loving towards yourself during your period? Here are five loving things to do when you have your period: 

1. Manage Pre-Menstrual Symptoms
It is normal to experience PMS symptoms to the days leading to your period. Here are some ways to take care of yourself during PMS:

  • Cramps – do light stretches, rest, heating pad
  • Bloating – eat a healthy diet, drink enough water, avoid refined carbohydrates and refined sugar
  • Fatigue – get enough rest
  • Back pain – heating pad

2. Nourish Your Body with Real Food
Say goodbye to junk and processed food and eat what nourishes your body. Enjoy a whole foods diet rich in leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, grass-fed meat, and whole grains. Drink enough water and avoid soda and caffeine. It is extremely important to eat nutrient-rich food to nourish your body during your period. If you have any nutritional deficiencies, talk to your doctor and take a supplement during your period. 

3. Take a Relaxing Epsom Salt Bath
Nothing compares to a warm bath during your periods. Fill up your tub with warm water, soak 5 scoops of Epsom Salt, add 6 drops of lavender oil, 6 drops of clary sage, and 6 drops of Bergamot. This will help your muscles to relax and alleviate period cramps to some degree.

4. Enjoy a Cup of Your Favourite Herbal Tea
Brew a pot of Ginger Tea, Chamomile Tea, or Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and enjoy a cup of warm tea. You can add a bit of raw honey to these herbal teas. 

5. Enjoy Some Dark Chocolate
Not any chocolate only the ones that have cocoa more than 72%. Satisfy your chocolate cravings with 1 or 2 squares of high-quality dark chocolate. 

6. Get Enough Sleep
It is important to get enough sleep during your menstrual cycle. Create an ambiance of sleep by putting away your phone and enjoying a full night of sleep.
These are some ways how you can love yourself during your period and always!  

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