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Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin During Period

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If you find your skin a bit oilier right before your period or experience period acne, you are not alone. Did you know that your diet and lifestyle play a big role in how your skin looks and feel? 

Everyone’s experience with the menstrual cycle and PMS is different. You can experience anything from dry patches to excessive oiliness, during your menstrual phase due to the fluctuating levels of hormones. 

Wondering how to take care of your skin during your period? Check out these tips on skincare routine for that flawless glow:

1. Follicular Phase Skincare
Your body releases extra estrogen during this period to thicken the uterine lining for the egg. As the estrogen spikes, your skin thickens, decreasing your pore size, and promoting collagen production. What you can do for a healthy glow?

  • Use a gentle exfoliator scrub every two days to remove any dead skin from your face.
  • Follow it up with an anti-aging mask to enhance your skin radiance.

2. Ovulatory Phase Skincare
When your body is going through the ovulation phase, your estrogen remains high and your body produces the luteinizing hormone. This makes your skin oily and acne begin to pop up. What to do to maintain clear radiant skin during the ovulation phase?

  • Use a gentle deep-pore cleanser 1 to 2 times every day. 
  • If you have to put on makeup, ensure to clean it with a gentle makeup remover. 
  • Try dry brushing to help your lymph nodes balance the spike in estrogen. 

3. Luteal Phase Skincare
The Luteal Phase is the start of the premenstrual symptoms (PMS). You might experience skincare woes like spots, oiliness, uneven skin tone, and dry skin. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, increase the intake of antioxidants in your diet. How to take care of sensitive skin during the Luteal phase?

  • Follow a cleaning, toning, moisturizing routine with gentle skincare products. 
  • Use a soothing hydrating mask like cucumber or tea tree. 

4. Menstrual Phase Skincare
When your period starts, Progesterone levels, and estrogen levels drop. How to take care of your skin during the menstrual cycle?

  • Use a salicylic acid cleanser to stop the period of acne. 
  • Use an Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich mask during your period. 

By understanding what happens during your hormones during your period, you can follow a skincare routine that works for you. 

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