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Ever wondered about your sleeping patterns during your menstrual cycle?

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Menstrual Cycle is one thing that every woman can predict but the problems that come with them like cramps, bloating, headaches etc. can make life a little bit rocky. On top of all the problem, imagine having trouble sleeping? Nightmare right!! Some gynaecologist has said that the menstrual cycle may affect the sleeping pattern all throughout the month. Sometimes, it is the fear of leaks that keep you up all night especially if you don’t have the right kind of over-night protection. But there are other problems that you might face which is why you feel troubled at night for a peaceful sleep.

Following are a few reasons why your sleeping patterns are disturbed.

Menstrual problems

It’s very well known that during periods, women tend to have cramps, bloating, pain in the back, heavy flow, headache which makes sleeping a big problem.

Body Temperature

Sometimes, when you’re on your periods, your core temperature rises almost half a degree. When it falls, you begin to feel sleepy and you sleep when it is at its lowest. In this way whenever your core temperature falls you begin to feel sleepy and sleeping any time of the day disturbs your sleep for the night.

Mood Swings

Periods and mood swings go hand in hand and they are very normal. When hormones like estrogen and progesterone drop right before your period, your mood changes from positive to negative in no time and very strongly. You tend to feel anxiety and depression during the mood swings as well. And with all of this chaos going on, it’s very hard to fall asleep at night.

Other health issues

Other health issues like stomach issues; nausea, indigestion or diarrhoea makes it very difficult for you to fall asleep at night. Health issues like these keep you up all night and you’re forced to say goodbye to that peaceful sleep for the night.


Hormone progesterone drops during the cycle and thus you find yourself awake at night for a longer time than usual. You find yourself awake at night and suffering from Insomnia because the hormone progesterone is responsible for sleeping as it is a soporific hormone which has a mild sedative effect.

Shifts in hormones during different stages of your period cycle can cause a little change in your sleeping pattern for few days but if you notice that the symptoms are serious and your sleeping pattern is affected severely, we recommend you to visit a doctor as soon as possible. For sleeping well you can try having a hot water bath to ease down the pain before sleeping or try using the hot water bottle. Gynaecologists highly recommend ginger tea or turmeric milk during the first two days of your periods which helps you calm down and have a good night sleep.

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