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PCOD: A Silent Threat to Women

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Reasons why you might have PCOD:

  • Overweight
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Sedentary lifestyle

What can happen to you in PCOD?

  • Obesity and irregular cycles
  • You realize you have PCOD when there is a lot more need to visit parlors than ever due to acne and excessive hair growth.
  • Sometimes, either there are no periods or heavy periods with clots, spotting on and off.
  • Thyroid abnormality, prolactin problems, diabetes, can also happen at a very later stage.

Don’t freak out. There are solutions to it:

Before you get all upset and freak out about PCOD, here are a few sure shot solutions to it:

  • Drop that packet of pasta and cancel your pizza order. The first step is to stop eating junk and caffeinated food. As much enticing as these foods are, they are your body’s enemies and PCOD’s BFFs.
  • Don’t be lazy anymore, and boost your body with a little exercise.
  • Begin with losing weight slow and steady, so that even if you take a break, you don’t gain weight all at once.
  • Do not panic if your regular exercise helps you lose weight at a slow rate. PCOD loves your weight and won’t let you shed it so quick. So be patient and don’t give up.
  • Hungry at 7 pm and “light snack” is all you want? Well, that’s a bad idea because they add to your weight.
  • Lastly, plan your diet and exercise and execute it every day and keep shining.
  • Also, keep in a monthly checkup with your doctor.

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