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The Thing You Should Know About Irregular Periods

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My Periods are late.” This is one problem statement no girl wants to ever say out loud.  For some women, periods are like a smooth ride and for some, they are nothing short of a rollercoaster. When periods are on time, women breeze through them quickly because they get used to it but when they are late for some reason, the anxiety starts. Obviously, the one thing which is responsible to tell you that your hormone cycle is just doing fine arrives late then, it is a matter of concern. Below are a few reasons why your periods might be irregular.

Not keeping track of your period cycle

As we say, not everybody is the same, similarly not every period cycle is the same. It’s absolutely normal if your periods are delayed by a day or two but if they are delayed more than that you can handle the situation maturely. The better option here is to keep track of your period cycle and also about the flow. This would help you understand the pattern and if you feel any changes you can consult a doctor.

Taking lots of stress

One of the most common reasons due to which women tend to miss or delay their periods is because of the stress. The 21st century where everyone is just pushing each other to be better actually puts a lot of pressure on your mind emotionally. Having emotional stress can usually end up in delaying your periods.

Not keeping a track on the medications

If you take some meds for other health-related issues, and you miss your periods, then make sure you consult your doctor regarding the medications. This is because some medications tend to delay your period cycle so always consult first and then think for some other option.


This is a well-known fact that there is a great chance that if you miss or delay your periods, you might be pregnant. If you had intercourse and missed your periods, just take a test or visit a doctor to know for sure.

Not going for regular checkups

Sometimes when you tend to avoid going to a doctor just because it’s too much of work, you are missing out on things you should know about your period cycle. Hormones that are the real cause of period irregularity should be checked every month or once in two months. Get yourselves checked for PCOS which is Polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a condition that deals with women’s hormones. Women who are diagnosed with PCOS tend to produce hormones higher than normal and this eventually ends up in irregularity of the periods. So get yourself checked up.

Your body is one of the most precious things and periods are normal. It’s very important to know about your period cycle and keep maintaining a healthy body. Above mentioned reasons are few of the main reasons why you might have delayed or missed your periods. Just keep your cycle in check for regular periods.

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