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Avoiding yeast infection during periods with Sofy Cool

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A yeast infection happens when Candida, a fungus, commonly found in the vagina overgrows. If you have weak immunity or diabetes, are on antibiotics, or have a hormonal imbalance, you are more prone to getting a yeast infection. Also, during menstruation the fluctuating hormones can disturb the pH balance in the vagina, which makes you vulnerable and can trigger a yeast infection.

If you have ever had a yeast infection, you would know how uncomfortable and disturbing it can get. The common symptoms of yeast infection are itching, thick discharge, swelling or redness in the vulva (skin around the vagina) and pain during urination and intercourse.

A warm moist environment creates the breeding ground for the fungus Candida leading to Candidiasis or Yeast infection. In summers during your period days the long sitting work or study hours, traveling in crowded buses or metros, or simply being out in the Sun, all these things make you hot and increase the body heat and sweating especially in the vaginal area. Increased sweating, period flow, and body heat together all work against your vaginal health, resulting in infections.

Sofy Cool is the perfect way to combat this problem. Sofy Cool gives you a super cool, fresh feeling even on the hottest summer days. Sofy cool sanitary napkin absorbs the flow to the last layer which keeps the top sheet clean, so you feel dry for hours. The napkin is ultra-thin, so it will not trap heat and allow air flow keeping you fresh. Made using Japanese technology, Sofy Cool is the first cool napkin in India. It’s cooling feature, and super absorbency makes it ideal for girls on hot summer days. A napkin that will keep you cool and dry and thus guard you against yeast infections. It is so thin and gentle to the skin that you won’t feel a thing wearing it. So for an irritation-free period this summer’s give Sofy Cool a try. And say goodbye to vaginal discomfort and yeast infections.

Also to maintain your vaginal health during periods in summers wear loose, comfortable clothing and cotton panties, do not use soaps to clean the vulva, do not use scented products and talcum powders close to the vulva, have a healthy diet to keep your immunity strong, and avoid processed and sugary foods.

And again, your sanitary products are of paramount importance as they come in direct contact with your vagina. Choose the right sanitary napkin that is gentle to your sensitive skin and will keep you dry and cool on the hot summer days. Have a stress free period with Sofy Cool, no need to worry about yeast infections. Sofy Cool will keep you cool and guarded!

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