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5 perks of Sofy’s Cool Pad Technology

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Going out on period days isn’t that simple. You are constantly worried about leakages and the cramps with the stabbing pain, make you want to get into the bed and watch Netflix all day long. Well, you wish…. What if there was a napkin that would make all your period problems disappear. If period problems like rashes, infections, and discomfort due to sweating are your concerns, Sofy has the perfect formula for you.

  • Whether you have an important meeting lined up for the day or an outdoor research project to do, we don’t want you to cancel out on it just because your periods started. Sofy Cool with its super absorbency feature will keep you dry for hours. Sofy Cool napkin absorbs flow till the last sheet and keeps the top sheet cleaner keeping you dry for hours and worry-free about leakages.
  • Sitting for hours at work or traveling in a metro, especially on summer days can cause increased sweating in intimate areas. Not only is it irritating but can also cause rashes and vaginal infection. Sofy has come up with the first cool napkin in India. Its unique technology gives you a feeling of coolness to ward off the heat for an irritation-free period. Even on hot summer days, you feel wintery cool down there. A warm moist environment supports the growth of vaginal yeast infection. But Sofy Cool with its cooling technology and super absorbency will keep you cool, fresh and dry for hours so no chance of infections.
  • Going to the gym on your period days means scouring through your cupboard to find a long t-shirt. Most of the sanitary napkins are so bulky that hiding napkin lines are pretty tough. With Sofy Cool you don’t need to worry about pad lines and sweat showing on your track pants. This napkin is super slim, so it gives you a no usage feel, and the pad lines don’t show at all. On top of it, the cooling technology helps to curtail sweating and keeps you cool even as you sweat it out at the gym.
  • If your sanitary napkin leaves you with rashes, i.e., redness, inflammation, and itching around the vagina you need to give Sofy Cool a try. Sofy Cool is super absorbent yet gentle on the skin. Most napkins, continually rubbing against the skin, cause irritation to the skin. But Sofy Cool’s top sheet is tender even on the most sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about period rashes.
  • Don’t let your periods curb your high spirits. Summers is the time to chill and have a great time with friends and family. Go ahead and have a blast even on your period days. With its cool water fragrance, Sofy Cool gives you a cool and fresh feeling for hours. With Sofy Cool you don’t have to think twice before wearing your shorts or slim fitted skirt, the napkin is so thin that you need not worry about hiding napkin lines. And with its super absorbency, the napkins last longer. So go on dancing for hours, no reason for the party to stop.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? So give Sofy Cool a try this summer and bid goodbye to all your period problems.

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