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Bid Goodbye to Period Rashes with Sofy Cool

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A healthy lifestyle and the right sanitary napkin for your period days are the keys for an irritation-free period. Having a nutritious diet and an active life helps to keep PMS symptoms at bay and ensures that you have pain-free, regular periods. A sanitary napkin with superior absorbency that prevents any leakages and is gentle on your skin guards you against rashes.

Wearing a poor quality pad or wearing the sanitary napkin for long hours can cause rashes. Your vagina is sensitive, and if it comes in contact with a harsh substance, period rashes can happen. Yes, your sanitary napkin can be the reason for your recurrent rashes during or after your periods. If your skin is allergic to the sanitary pad material, you can develop period rashes. If you notice redness, swelling, or irritation in the vaginal area, discontinue using your current pad and switch to another sanitary napkin brand.

Sometimes the constant abrasion of the napkin against the skin can also be the reason for rashes. So use a sanitary napkin that is soft and tender on the skin. Sofy cool with its superior absorbency soaks the menstrual flow to the last to keep the top sheet dry. So you do not feel damp down there. Sofy Cool is soft and smooth even on the most sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about rashes and irritation. The increased heat and moisture around the vagina during your menstrual flow also can contribute to rashes, especially in summers; therefore, it is essential to change napkins frequently to keep yourself dry. Sofy has come up with the perfect pad with cool technology to keep you cool for hours as you go about your busy life on summers days.

Also, it’s best to go for loose, comfortable clothes during your period days in summers to keep the vagina airy. And opt for cotton panties and not synthetic to prevent skin irritation. Avoid using scented products. Keep your vagina clean and change the sanitary pad every four to five hours.

Get your Sofy Cool pack now. It’s a must try this summer. Sofy Cool sanitary napkin is so thin and light that you won’t even realize that you are wearing one and will completely forget about your periods. And the top sheet is tender on your skin so no need to worry about period rashes. Isn’t that cool!

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