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Summer Period Problems? Sofy has the perfect solution

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It is officially the summer season, and I would prefer lying down under my blanket with the air-conditioner on rather than facing the scorching heat out there. Periods during summers can be harsh for females — combined with painful cramps and mood swings. Along with this, girls and women start feeling irritated due to the accumulation of sweat around the vagina. Girls have to think twice before wearing short dresses or skirts during the visit of aunt flow since there is always a fear of getting a stain. Well, to solve all these problems, Sofy has a sure-shot solution for all females. We are launching Sofy Cool to ensure all the ladies experience sweat and irritation-free periods. Let’s read further to know more features of the product:

  • Sofy Cool is made with a comfortable ultra slim dry cover so that the periods during summers are easy and smooth. The sanitary napkin will be soft on the skin which will prevent the formation of rashes. In addition to this, the napkin will be so light and gentle that the females will not even get the feeling of wearing a menstrual product. Because of the thin base of the pad, there are reduced chances of it being visible through the panty.
  • Sofy Cool sanitary napkin will be available in extra-large sizes to ensure females do not have to experience leakage while outdoor or travelling. The larger size of the sanitary napkin gives more room to the menstrual flow for spreading. Girls can easily carry short dresses without the fear of getting stained due to leakage.
  • The most unique feature of Sofy Cool is the Cool Pad technology. The sanitary napkin is made from Japanese technology which gives a cooling effect while sweating during summers. The cooling effect is able to give a relaxing feeling while menstruating and ensures an irritation-free period. So, if you have to catch an afternoon flight in summers, don’t worry, Sofy Cool will make sure there are no rashes and inflammation caused due to sweating.
  • Another virtue of Sofy Cool is that it emanates a cool water fragrance which gives a cool and refreshing feeling to girls during periods. Made with the cool pad technology, the sanitary napkin is able to give relief from itching and redness around the vagina.
  • Sofy Cool has a deep absorbent sheet which is able to absorb the menstrual flow until the last layer. Because the flow gets absorbed till the last layer, there are lesser chances of the garments getting stained due to leakage. So, if you have your weekend planned for a beach, you don’t have to cancel it because of the fear of getting stained.

Along with using Sofy Cool during periods in summers, girls and women should drink a maximum amount of water to get extra magnesium for the body. Staying hydrated during summers is very much important. Consuming drinks like ice tea or juices will provide the body with required minerals. Eating the right food such as vegetables and home-made salad is suggested during periods in summers.

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