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Not so common period concerns.

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We all have heard about the PMS symptoms and the changes which happen inside our body during menstruation. Problems like menorrhagia, endometriosis, anaemia, etc. are being talked about often. There are a few period problems which are major and need attention for the good health of girls. Below are a few not so common period problems:

  • Irregular periods due to the thyroid has become a major concern lately. Girls and women who suffer from thyroid experience irregular and delayed periods. The period cycle becomes irregular suddenly which used to be regular before because of the thyroid.
  • Severe PMS is one period concern which needs to be discussed openly. Many girls experience premenstrual dysphoric disorder which keeps getting worse with the arrival of periods. There is a major percentage of girls whose lifestyle gets affected because of the severe PMS symptoms.
  • Not being able to receive the first period until the age of 16 is one major concern. Amenorrhea — the lack of menstrual period — is becoming more common in young women and is a result of the hormonal issues with the endocrine system.
  •  Painful periods is another issue prevalent amongst girls. The presence of uterine fibroid causes painful periods (dysmenorrhea) and leads to painful cramps.
  • There are many girls who experience mouth and gum pain because of the blood circulation to the gums in the mouth — making them red and sensitive.
  • There are a few women who suffer from ovulation pain. There is a pain in the body because of the release of eggs from the ovary during the phase of ovulation which also leads to a bit of vaginal bleeding.

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