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Why is your period late?

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Late periods can happen because of hormonal imbalances and certain medical conditions. Other factors like extreme weight loss, stress and medications can also result in a delayed period. In most cases, pregnancy is also a possible reason for a girl’s late period.

There are two stages in a woman’s life when it is considered normal for her to have her periods late a) the time when the periods first begin & b) during the time of menopause. Let’s read in detail about the causes and the treatment of late periods:-

  1. Stress:
    • Stress pretty much is the top reason as to why your periods might be arriving late
    • It is but natural for us to stress when our menses are on the way, but what we have to realize is that the more we stress the more the chances of our periods getting delayed
    • This is because stress can literally make your hormones go into frenzy, thus affecting your cycle.
    • Apart from this, stress also ends up affecting the brain, as a result of which your hypothalamus also gets affected, the part of the brain that is actually responsible for the regulation of your cycle
    • If you are someone who tends to stress out when her periods get delayed, try to indulge in some calming and relaxation techniques.
  2. PCOS:
    • The women who suffer from PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome basically suffer from the over-production of the male hormone, androgen
    • Due to this, the formation of cysts also takes place in the ovaries.
    • These cysts are responsible for your ovulation cycle becoming irregular.
  3. Being underweight:
    • It has been found that women who weigh less by 10% of their optimal body-weight, according to their height, face issues such as a skipped periods
    • This happens because when you weigh less than you are supposed to, your body starts functioning differently and even ovulation stops
    • This is especially common in women you are suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia or even anorexia nervosa.
  4. Obesity/Being overweight:
    • Like being underweight or anorexic can be a cause for suffering from a skipped period or two, same is the case with being overweight
    • Being obese can also make your hormonal balance go for a toss thus leading to you suffering from changes in your ovulation schedule.
    • Consult your doctor to establish a good diet regime so that it helps you lose weight and live a healthier life.
  5. Other causes/reasons:
    • Thyroid problems
    • Perimenopause
    • Diabetes
    • Celiac disease that can lead to damage of the small intestine.

Remember to consult your doctor if you experience any other problems with your late periods like fever, nausea, very heavy bleeding when period does arrive and relentlessly painful cramps. You are just a consultation away from a healthier life, where the stress of your periods getting delayed may not even exist.

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