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Measures to avoid night sweating before periods

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Females experience a change in their body temperature before periods because of fluctuations in the progesterone and the estrogen levels. The change in sex hormones directly affects the hypothalamus — which is the brain center of thermoregulation. Excessive sweating at night before the start of menstruation is also related to the change in body temperature in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. Other factors responsible for an increase in body temperature are excessive physical activity, stress and change in the weather. Certain alterations in the lifestyle and diet can reduce the amount of night-time sweating. Read further to know the tips and tricks to control the sweat:

  • Caffeine is known to trigger the sympathetic nervous system which pushes the body to come into the fight or flight mode. This makes the heart rate, breathing rate and the body temperature increase — which leads to more sweating.  Females should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and should rather choose to drink herbal teas and lots of water to avoid night-time sweating.
  • Females should have a healthy lifestyle involving exercise and a healthy diet. One should avoid consuming alcohol and smoking before the periods are approaching. Avoid taking too much of stress because increased stress and anxiety can also cause night-time sweating.
  • One should avoid eating animal protein/saturated fats before the periods are about to start because digesting these foods will lead to the production of more heat in the body. One should also avoid eating fatty and spicy foods during the premenstrual phase. To keep the body temperature in control, one should eat lentils, chickpeas, tofu, quinoa, etc.
  • Taking a warm shower before sleeping at night prevents the body from getting overheated and controls the amount of sweating.  While taking a warm bath, the body tries to remain cool and calm which in turn aids in reducing the body temperature. Warm showers are also known to give a relaxing feeling.
  • Doing yoga regularly helps in regulating the hormones in the body and reducing the fluctuation of the hormones which takes place during the menstruation cycle. Yoga also helps in keeping the body and mind calm and reducing stress from the body.
  • Females should avoid eating refined carbohydrates and sugar because it can lead to insulin spikes and lead weight gain, ovarian dysfunction resulting in hormonal imbalance.

In addition to these points, females should wear cotton-pyjamas and keep the room temperature cool when they start experiencing night sweating.

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