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Summer Essentials For Smooth Periods

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Rise and shine, ladies! It is finally summers. That means stepping out to have fun, soaking in the summer sun, planning trips and going on vacations. But dealing with periods during summers can be a challenge, isn’t it? It means taking extra care of your personal hygiene with all the heat and sweat that spoils your mood and gives you summertime sadness.

But, fret not! We have got you covered with some simple yet essential hacks for you to have a fun summer even during your periods.

  1. Stay hydrated – Well, it is very important during periods to keep a bloated stomach at bay which can affect your digestive system and cause excessive cramps, gas or constipation. To beat the bloat, drink at least 9 -10 glasses daily. Drink coconut water which not only gives you a taste of far-away shores but is also super period-friendly. Coconut water is hydrating and packed full of electrolytes which eases the excruciating pain and increases your immunity.
  2. Wear airy clothes – Comfort first is the best policy, ladies! Wear cool, airy clothes that don’t stick to your body like leggings. Choose cotton clothes to feel fresh and cool.
  3. Get active – It is very important to be active during periods. Indulge is some light yoga, brisk walking or moderate cardio exercises. But, cut back on heavy weight-lifting exercises to avoid overexertion.
  4. Stack pads and tampons in your handbag – While you are out enjoying your vacation, be prepared for unannounced! Stack your handbag with tampons and pads to change them regularly which keeps you fresh and worry-free.
  5. Rest, rest enough – Do not push yourself extra during periods. Take care of your body to avoid fatigue that might worsen the cramps.
  6. Maintain cleanliness to avoid rashes and vaginal irritation caused due to moisture retention and sweat. Remember to change your pads or tampons regularly to avoid infections

These are a few good tips for surviving the summer heat during periods. We would love to know what special hacks you follow. Tell us what are your special hacks in the comments below 🙂

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