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Tips to Avoid Rashes and Irritation During Periods

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Periods can be challenging if you have not found the right set of period pads. There are several brands available in the market but some of them contain harmful dyes and adhesives which can cause skin irritations and rashes. These ashes can continue to make us feel itchy and uncomfortable, especially during nighttime.

Most rashes on periods are caused as a result of contact dermatitis – which means that your skin has come in contact with an irritant in your sanitary pad. Using soft sanitary napkins can ensure sanitary hygiene without causing rashes or irritation. Here is how you can avoid skin irritation and rashes during periods:

  • It is important to get your pads changed after every few hours.
  • Rashes can also be a result of moisture and heat in our intimate areas. Using sanitary pads that prevent sweating and allow your skin to breathe can help. You could try SOFY cool pads that are especially recommended for summer.
  • Furthermore, to avoid unnecessary moisture build-up around intimate areas, use a sanitary pad with a deep absorbent sheet like SOFY pads.
  • Most sanitary pads are made using chemical compounds called polyolefins. Therefore, most of these pads contain absorbent gels, foam, and wood cellulose. Bleach is also applied to most pads in order to enhance their capacity to absorb menstrual blood. All of these chemicals can lead to skin irritation. It is always preferred to use cotton pads like SOFY sanitary pads.
  • Some pads like the SOFY AntiBacteria sanitary napkins contain an anti-bacterial sheet that prevents bacterial infections that lead to irritation. In case of an infection, you must opt for an anti-fungal ointment.
  • Keep your intimate areas dry and clean. Your vaginal pH should ideally be around 3 to 4.5 (moderately acidic). An imbalance in vaginal pH leads to infections.

Trust Sofy when experiencing periods. Explore the range of sanitary pads by SOFY and find the right fit for yourself.

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