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Period Basics

5 First Period Stories

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We asked a few women about their first period stories to figure out if everyone goes through the same thing. Turns out, there are some instances that have happened with quite a few, while there are others that are a little on the once in a blue moon spectrum. From […]

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First period while travelling: What Precautions to Take

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When we get our first period, the immediate thought that crosses the mind is how will things be managed? The first period is often associated with cramps in the lower abdomen, breast tenderness, lower backache, dizziness, etc. It takes time for the period to get stabilised — the first one […]

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T: Reasons behind pre and postmenstrual spotting

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We all must have experienced brown discharge before and after the period ends. Spotting is different from bleeding which happens in between the menstrual cycle. Spotting happens from the upper reproductive tract or from the lower reproductive tract. One might experience heavier spotting from the upper reproductive tract (uterus) and […]

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Tips for having an open conversation with your daughter about menstruation

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Puberty brings with it physical changes, mood swings, emotional changes and the desire to spend time alone. Parents might start noticing changes in the behaviour of daughters by the age of 8 — the time when her puberty has started. The stage is signified with the development of breasts, growth […]

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Why should one avoid eating cold foods and drinks when on periods?

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A bowl of your favourite strawberry ice-cream as you watch your favourite show on Netflix may sound like the perfect way to get relief from your period pain. But, on the other hand, we are often advised by our mothers or elders in the family to avoid having cold foods […]

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