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Period Guide

Symptoms of PMS

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PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is basically a condition that affects all women when it comes to their emotions, their behavioural changes or their physical health, essentially a few days prior to their periods. The symptoms of PMS starts anywhere between five to eleven days before your periods are set to […]

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Symptoms of a girl’s first period

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Girls commonly get their periods by the time they are 11 or 13 at the most, but the age bracket of 9 to 16 is also a likely time to start. Every girl is different, and so is her age of reaching puberty and getting her periods. There are however […]

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PMS and Vaginal Discharge

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It is perfectly normal for women to experience different kinds of discharge during different stages of their menstrual cycle. A woman produces a little bit of odourless mucous like discharge, which can be thick or thin, every day, and the colour of this mucous also varies from white to light […]

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Importance of emotional support for your girl during her first period

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Your girl’s puberty is an emotionally charged stage in her life during which she needs all the support she can get from her parents/guardians. Talking to your daughter about her first periods might be tricky, but it is a talk that needs to be had. The importance of emotional support […]

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How to select the perfect pad for yourself

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Selecting the right pad for one self may require a few trials and errors so you are able to reach a consensus as to which you are most comfortable in and along with comfort, which offers you the best protection. What one needs to remember however is that you should […]

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