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Weight and menstrual cycle – how are they related?

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The monthly menstrual cycle is the result of a well-coordinated communication going on between the pituitary gland in the brain and your ovaries via the hormones. A constant ebb and flow of these hormones regulates the periods. If there is any disturbance in this communication, your monthly cycle goes out […]

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Do Periods Cause Weight Gain?

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Things were looking good, you had been regularly exercising, feeling energetic and were happy that you could easily fit into your favorite tube top when suddenly all your efforts go down the drain and you think “from where did all this weight come?” A week or two before their periods’ […]

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Ever wondered about your sleeping patterns during your menstrual cycle?

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Menstrual Cycle is one thing that every woman can predict but the problems that come with them like cramps, bloating, headaches etc. can make life a little bit rocky. On top of all the problem, imagine having trouble sleeping? Nightmare right!! Some gynaecologist has said that the menstrual cycle may […]

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What to expect with breast growth

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You may be surprised to know that normal breast development keeps on taking place throughout a woman’s lifetime. From the moment of a woman’s birth all the way to menopause, your breast goes through different stages of development between this time. However, the timing of these stages of development will […]

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Top 5 tips to maintain Hygiene during Periods

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Menstruation is part and parcel of each and every woman’s life, whether one likes it or not, and it happens to be an extremely important part of the body’s natural process. During this time, the need to maintain hygiene and caution becomes very important. Taking care of your health during […]

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